Looking for a Motivational Speaker?

Everybody can aspire to be a motivational speaker, but not everyone is cut out for it. That’s because, while anybody can have good ideas for a keynote speech, not everyone really has the ability to deliver them in such a manner that the people would listen.


Enter Garrison Wynn. He’s a motivational speaker who, by the age of 27, was already a Fortune 500 company department head, the youngest in that company’s history. Prior to that, as a teenager, he worked with Hank Aaron, the famous baseball player, and with Magnavox for a project that also made history –the first ever video gaming system in the world.

Aren’t those credentials amazing enough? Well, other people have credentials just like that, some even more, but still not qualify to be a great keynote speaker for company events.

But what sets Garrison Wynn apart from all the other motivational speakers out there is that he has those two qualities we have mentioned in the introductory paragraph –ideas and the ability to deliver them. Garrison has got the humor and the authority in his delivery that really commands attention. And, his ideas are said to unveil the secret of one percent of the population who are said to have it all – health, wealth, and most importantly, contentment.


The Secret that is Garrison Wynn

Well, we can’t really say outright that Garrison is still a secret, because so many organizations are always looking for him! Imagine inquiries spinning by the hundreds. Every year, he always has more than a hundred appointments – all dedicated to keynote events!

Just like you, we wonder how he can squeeze all of these appointments in 365 days. But, as what his many clients have been saying about him, Garrison has the ability to squeeze everything you need to be informed about in just one hour!

One secret, top one percent, one hour. Isn’t that an uncanny, remarkable coincidence for a motivational speaker?

And we could bet that all of these are not just fluff, just like what other motivational speakers have in, sadly, too many events. Garrison has got hold of everything he knows from his experience of actually working with exceptional people, successful companies, and – surprise – with each and every organization that he speaks to.


The Secret to a Great Keynote Speech: No Shortcuts

Unlike others who claim to be motivational speakers, Garrison has no other commitment ever since he dedicated himself to the business of inspiring other organizations to do their best. That is why he founded Wynn Solutions, where he gets exceptional people to help him do it.

Why does he need help? Well, it’s because Garrison doesn’t just rely on hearsay or theories. He believes that for his events to be successful, he needs to research a lot. A big part of the working day grind goes to each particular company Wynn Solutions caters to. And then, of course, Garrison gathers them into one huge portfolio for future reference and study.

Motivational-SpeakerToday, he has already ten years’ worth of studies of thousands of leaders from more than three hundred exemplary organizations,and surveys from a million employees and almost a hundred thousand of their managers in his file! How’s that for a great book on corporate success?

Now, you’ve spoken too soon, because actually, he’s got a bestseller already! It’s entitled, “The REAL Truth About Success,” which is almost always sold out and needing reprints on Amazon. He has also worked with award-winning author, educator, and fellow motivational speaker Stephen Covey on books and tools for keynote events.


The Secrets You Could Learn from Garrison Wynn

Wynn Solutions has a whole garrison (pardon the pun) of programs for companies who would want Garrison Wynn’s services as a motivational speaker. These are as follows:

  • The Secret of the Top One Percent – this program is expected to bring out the guffaws while you uncover the secret to how your company can actually be a top performer!
  • Essential Leadership – this program has three versions: one that improves cooperation and camaraderie among the workforce, and the second is for those in the brink of losing it all. The third, on the other hand, encourages companies to bring out the best in their ranks and create more top performers out of them. That’s just because real success is about aiming for others to be successful, too.
  • Millenial Loyalty – here, you will learn the secret on how to attract the young and eager workers, make them more responsible, and yes, keep them!
  • Success from Inclusion and Tolerance – here, you learn how to deal with the stress that comes from change, which is the ever constant factor that illicit excitement in the business arena! It also teaches you how to influence and gather support from those people who normally just wouldn’t cooperate with you.


If you looking best motivational speakers, visit www.motivational-speaker-success.com website. Here, you learn how to deal with the stress that comes from change.


Golf Equipment Every Player Should Own

For novice golfers, shopping for golf accessories can be very inviting. There are a number of tools and equipment that every player should own if you wish to pursue professional golf. Rockbottomgolf.com are offer with a lot of golf items offered in the sports stores today, which one do you really need to purchase? How do you choose among a pool of sport brands?

Golf clubs for starters.

Every golfer should invest in his or her own club. They differ according to the distance that should be covered. The wood type covers the farthermost strike while the iron, wedge or hybrid is made for more elevated hits. The putter type is for short distance like

The putter type is for short distance like simple rolling of the ball over the grass. The club must be lightweight and some in a length that suits the height of the user. Taylormade golf has a high end collection of iron, wood and putter clubs. They are made from innovative materials that allow maximum performance and durable feature.

Golf balls.

Golf balls should be carried every game even if the golf course can easily provide dozens of it. Taylormade provides both new and recycled golf balls that come in discounted prices.


Umbrellas serve as the ultimate protection for every type of weather condition in the course. Although it’s not much of a necessity for the game, it is still a common practice to bring an umbrella to the golf course. 60 inch umbrellas are ideal. Taylormade golf offer a double canopy umbrella model that gives maximum coverage to golfers. It only costs $59.99 and comes with an 8% discount.


Since golf is an outdoor sport, one key accessory in golf is a visor or cap. Apart from protecting players from direct sunlight, it also serves as a fashion accessory for every golfer. Taylormade golf offers hats with adjustable radar. They come in fashionable designs that can both be enjoyed by men and women.

Golf gloves.

Hand gloves come in leather, synthetic and hybrid materials. The leather type usually provide the best protection but can be very expensive. Golf gloves help players get a better grip on the club while giving protection against friction and extreme weather condition. Gold glove should suit the needs of the player whether he or she is left or right handed. It must also be made of flexible material that allows easy movement for the fingers while still allowing some room to breathe. Taylormade golf is the premier brand that offers high end golf gloves with Cool max feature. They also have an H2o model that allows maximum protection against extreme temperatures.

Golf bags.

Taylormade-golfGolf bags are one of the most important equipment since they carry all of other essentials. Every golfer should have their own golf bag that suits their needs. They usually come in stand bag or cart bag type.


The bag should be made of durable material. Waterproof exterior is ideal but some bags come in weatherproof design like those models from Taylormade golf. They should also have some well cushioned sections and dividers for all of your clubs, irons, woods and wedges. Some bags have special pockets that allow easy access to important items. A golf bag must also be easy to carry for easier transportation.

Head covers.

To give maximum protection to your tools, you should own at least one head cover for every club you own. This prevents the metals from smashing one another hen kept inside a golf bag.

Personal golf towels.

Unless you want to borrow one from the course, it is hygienic to carry your own golf towel. The Microfiber Player model from Taylormade is the most absorbent material that can handle moisture than any other simpler cloth.

Great Contributions of Online Marketing to Business Owners and Companies Worldwide

digital marketing

The digital marketing industry characterizes unpredictability and other complexities. However, marketers believe that every experience is exciting and edifying at the same time. Keeping up with the modern trends in the market will help you achieve your business goals. In fact, there are new products, software, hardware, use preferences and companies that emerge every year. This means that the needs and demands of consumers continue to vary. Hence, it is your business to offer solutions to the growing problems of these individuals.

The earlier you adapt to these changes, the more chances your business will be recognized by consumers. You will also appeal to emerging markets and even cement your reputation as an industry leader. However, those businesses that lag behind will obviously miss out the key opportunities available around them. The secret is to retain customers and continue to provide consistent products and services to existing clients. Also, your business should easily appear on search results whenever users look for similar products or services you offer.

Current Marketing Trends


online marketing trends

The following are some of the current marketing trends this year that you need to consider:

Dominance of video ads – video advertisements are not new to marketers but with the help of social channels such as YouTube, advertising is made more effective. You can also post online video ads on Facebook and other social networking sites to ensure that your prospects recognize your brand. In 2016, it’s important to know that Google is now observant in terms of in-SERP video ads. This only means that users are choosing video ads when searching for products and services rather than traditional ads.

More apps are developed through app indexing – now that Google is offering app indexing features, ranking has been more intense for websites across the globe. Hence, business owners need to anticipate more developed apps to help optimize website functionality. The mobile-optimized websites actually work wonders when it comes to appealing to a mobile crowd. Sooner or later, apps will replace certain sites to help internet users enjoy more convenience in searching for specific information.

Ascendancy of mobile over desktop – in 2015, mobile brought huge impact on global consumers wherein Google even announced that online mobile traffic overtook online desktop traffic. But experts say that it is still important to invest in mobile-focused digital marketing techniques.

SEO need professional digital assistants – search engine optimization is perfectly run by experienced online online marketingassistants. But with pay-per-click advertising, your website will have more traffic and higher conversions along with ethical SEO practices. Just make sure that your brand is easily found on the web when users look for it.

Emergence of virtual reality – it may sound a bit odd but it’s true that virtual reality is already happening in the online marketplace. The accessibility of virtual reality tools will help online marketing much easier and more effective. These devices will be integrated in video channels, social networking sites, and direct messaging forms.

Internet of things provides new avenues along with other wearable technologies – smart devices with wearable features like the Apple watch are gaining popularity in the industry. It’s important that you notice the significant changes happening in your industry so that you’ll be able to come up with better offers to customers. Real marketing and online marketing should be defined in order to get results.

Understanding How Online Marketing Works Today

As you implement your online marketing plans, it’s essential to understand the activities of your prospects and customers. You can actually identify business opportunities if you explore outside your industry. According to Einstein, people need to learn from the past while living the present moment. And in tomorrow, it’s important to hope for a better future. The thing is you never stop learning and finding answers to your questions.

Of course, business owners need to know the answer on how to attract or keep customers. Every day and in every experience, you absolutely learn something. Whether you want to boost your sales per month or you just want to increase your brand visibility online, the right online marketing techniques will help you succeed in all your endeavors. Now, you can check out a reputable SEO firm for more helpful tips regarding marketing success.

2016 US Presidential Elections: It is Venus versus Mars

us presidential election

It is election time again soon and we need to make an important decision on whom our votes will go to. For the past few months, the most popular names circulating the position of the next United States of America president are Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, who is the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, and Donald John Trump, who is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. It is basically Venus versus Mars for the 2016 United States of America Presidential Elections.

We all know that Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty. It is the astronomical sign for the female sex and it represents femininity. It is just to emblematize the said goddess to the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, Mrs. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, or shortly know as Hillary Clinton. Hillary is the first lady, from 1993 to 2001, and wife of the 42nd President of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton, who is also known as Bill Clinton. Aside from being the first lady of the country, she also became the First Lady of Arkansas when his husband served as the Governor of Arkansas way back in 1979 to 1981 and 1983 to 1992. She also served as a United States Senator from New York last 2001 until 2009. Moreover, she became the 67th United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, serving under Barack Obama’s ruling years.

Off to the antagonist of Venus, the Roman god of war is Mars. We are all familiar that Mars represents the astronomical symbol for the male gender. It also represents masculinity and youth; hence, we would assume the role of Mars to the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, Donald John Trump. An alumna of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Donald Trump is a known American business mogul. Also, he is recognized as an author of 16 books and a TV personality, the host of the popular television show, The Apprentice, from 2004 until 2015 and became an Emmy Award nominee twice.

Trump is surely one of the wealthiest people in the United States of America and the whole word with a net worth of 4.5 billion US Dollars last May 2016. He is noted as the Chairman and President of the Trump Organization, owning several real estate properties, golf courses, a football team and the Miss Universe Organization among others. Once upon a time, a Trump University LLC was also founded and provided training programs for real estate from 2005 until 2010, but was now defunct after multiple lawsuits. He is basically a business mogul trying to dip his foot in the political waters when he announced his candidacy for president under the Republican Party last June 2015 and became a frontrunner.

Let us now start the faceoff between Venus and Mars. According to the Quinnipiac Polling, 44% of Americans think that Donald Trump is more honest and trustworthy versus the 39% who believe in us electionHillary Clinton’s honesty and trustworthiness. Well, we cannot deny sayings that politicians are some of the people whom we cannot really trust; hence, there is no question about the poll results. In terms of who has a higher moral standards, 47% of Americans is confident in Hillary Clinton, while Donald Trump garnered 36%. On a somewhat close call of a 4% difference, 49% of Americans believe that Donald Trump will make a stronger leader while 45% rely on the girl power of Hillary Clinton. Moreover, 56% of Americans suppose that Hillary Clinton is better prepared to be the next President of the United State of America, considering her long and broad political experience and career. On the other hand, 35% believe that Donald Trump has what it takes to be the next president.

Additionally, in terms of who is more inspiring, Donald Trump stumped Hillary Clinton’s 39% by garnering a whopping 48%, believing that he is inspirational worthy. Well, we all know the man has written several inspirational books. Maybe, that is partially the reason why. Yale-alumna Hillary Clinton got 51% of the votes who believe she is the more intelligent one versus Wharton-alumna Donald Trump with 37% of the votes. Considering the anti-Muslim stand of Donald Trump, 49% of Americans believe that he will be the most effective against the internationally renowned terrorist group, ISIS, while Hillary Clinton garnered a 41% that keeps the faith in “Girl Power” over a drastic Mars-like approach of Donald Trump.

In addition, business mogul Donald Trump is trusted by 52% of Americans to create more jobs while Hillary Clinton got 41%. The former United States Secretary of State got 51% believers that she will handle the immigration issues better than Donald Trump with 43%.

Recently, we all watched the news and several gun-related violence happened in the United States. 46% of Americans believe that Hillary Clinton will do a better job in reducing gun violence in the country versus Donald Trump’s 38%. Also, 53% rely on Hillary Clinton to do a better job in responding to international crisis over the 40% Trump believers. Lastly, 48% think that Hillary Clinton will be better in getting things done in Washington than Donald Trump, which has 45%.

It is an election between Venus and Mars, a woman versus a man. We all hope that the best person wins for the sake of America.